Stage ou période de formation en milieu professionnel - InternshipEdit

An internship is a supervised practical learning experience, outside of the normal classroom setting.

A connaître - EssentialsEdit

  • Technical training / Internship
  • to participate in an internship
  • to complete an internship
  • to enroll in an internship
  • on-the-job training
  • paid or unpaid internship
  • work experience

Connaissances approfondies - Going further​Edit

  • a hosted intern
  • a trainee program
  • admission and enrollment
  • placement opportunities
  • to get professional work experience
  • employment opportunities

Evaluation du stage - Internship performance reviewEdit

  • Evaluation - Assessment attitude toward experience
  • representing one’s strength and limits
  • professional interest
  • career development activities
  • supervisory relationship
  • to be responsive • cooperative • attentive to supervision
  • reaction to criticism - to receive suggestions and bring positive changes to work habits
  • punctuality
  • personal appearance
  • quality of work
  • assignements
  • to accomplish an assignement • to complete an assignement
  • abilities • competency
  • judgement • making decisions
  • team work
  • time management • to schedule time
  • dependability • to be reliable • to be timely • to be productive
  • creativity • to be imaginative • to be resourceful in problem-solving
  • initiative • to seek new responsabilities, tasks or skills
  • do not hesitate to ask questions

Niveau professionnel - Jobs skills ratingsEdit

Classés du plus faible au plus élevé -  ranked from lowest to highest

  • Insuffisant - Unsatisfactory
  • Satisfaisant - Satisfactory
  • Très bien - Very Good
  • Excellent
  • Non évaluable ou non pertinent  - N/A – Not applicable or unable to assess

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